The property was first mentioned historically in 100 B.C., which makes it at least over 2 000 years old. The Saint-Eugène buildings are approximately 250 years old and each separate part has its own history. We’ve renovated all these buildings and have managed to conserve their original identity and the specific style of the region.


le vendangeur


It was here that the harvest foreman (le vendangeur) lived together with his family in the 19th and early 20th century. His job was to look after no less than 300 hectares of vineyards and various apple orchards.

The apartment is located on the first floor and the kitchen window looks out onto the courtyard. The bedroom is furnished with two large single beds, side by side. The bathroom has a shower and a toilet. The outside walls are very thick, so even during the hot summer months the rooms remain cool. Central heating is available during the colder winter months.

This apartment, approximately 60m², is perfect for two people.


La grange


The former granary (grange) was mostly used to store hay and straw for the horses as well as other feed like oats. You can see the old cable winch still attached to the window. This was the place where the workers lived during harvest season.

There is a large living room with a kitchen. It is situated on the west side; in the evenings the beautiful light of the sunset fills the entire room.

One of the bedrooms has a double bed. The window faces the nearby horse paddock and at night you can see the beautifully illuminated ‘collégiale’ of Capestang. The bathroom has a shower and a toilet. The second bedroom with two single beds opens onto the courtyard. The en-suite bathroom is equipped with a bathtub, a shower and a toilet.

This 100m² apartment is ideal for two to four people. Central heating and a large open fire in the centre of the living room are available during the colder winter months.


La Forge

The former smithy (forge) nestles like a bird’s nest at the rear of the wine cellar. Here the blacksmith’s work for the horses, the garden installations and the working tools for the winery were made. We’ve preserved everything in an authentic way; you can still see the old heavy wooden work surface in the kitchen. We’ve enlarged the forge’s old chimney to an impressive open fireplace.

There are two bedrooms on the second floor; one with a large double bed and another one with two single beds. Both rooms offer amazing views over the vineyards towards the south. The 15m² bathroom is located on the ground floor and has two washbasins and a large shower.

There is a large area in front of the apartment; it’s a perfect spot to relax underneath the old plane tree.

The apartment is approximately 110m², which makes it ideal for two to four people.


Le poulailler

This apartment was the former hen- (poules) and duckhouse at Saint-Eugène. It is a separate house with a combined living space, kitchenette and two single beds. There is also a bathroom equipped with a shower and a toilet.

The whole building is conserved in the original ‘chicken style’. A beautiful bay window faces east onto a private fenced garden with acces to the Saint-Eugène garden.

You can enjoy your breakfast in the morning sun before chilling in the shadow of the old fig tree or soaking up the southern sunshine.

This 35m² apartment is perfect for two people.



49 € per person per night

39 € per person per night for three people or more

10 € per person – bed linen

49 € final cleaning