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Our grapes are harvested and selected exclusively by hand.

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  • Cépages

    Cabernet Sauvignon

    This is the classic of all red vine varieties and is found all over the world. The vine delivers aromas of blackcurrant, green peppers, mint and cedar wood.


    Syrah grapes are dense, rich and almost black in colour. The vine is identified by a pepper fragrance and a taste of dark chocolate and plums. In the Languedoc, Syrah enriches the wines from the traditional vine varieties and improves their quality. This variety is also increasingly cultivated for monocépage wines.


    Grenache is the most cultivated vine variety in Spain and counts among the ten most widespread varieties in the world. Grenache offers mostly bright, sweet, often expressively spicy and tannin-poor wines.

    Sauvignon Blanc

    This is a common white grape variety. In monocépage it gives a fresh wine with aromas of blackberries and red berries, often with green touches (freshly mown grass), minerality and acidity.


    Merlot is always soft, opulent, full of fruity sweetness and with a high alcohol content. The vine delivers aromas of black cherries, plums and blackcurrants.


    Before the actual harvest, we have already walked through the vineyards several times: young redundant buds and slow-ripening grapes have been removed and the foliage is thinned out on the side of the sunrise. The final goal of these techniques is to have less production but a better concentration of minerals in the remaining grapes. A strict inspection is performed at the time of ripening.

    The temperature is constantly monitored and the grapes are pumped and crushed three times a day. The decanting of the grape pulp inside the barrels occurs naturally through gravity. The wine ripens in oak Allier and Limousin barrels and after a mild filtration the wine is bottled on the domain itself.


    We only choose the best plots in order to be able to harvest manually. This allows for a first selection of grapes on the vines themselves. These grapes are then harvested in small crates to preserve the quality of the fruit without crushing it.

    As soon as they arrive in the wine cellar, the bunches of grapes are placed on a sorting table. Here, a second manual selection of the grapes is done before they are destemmed and transferred into a barrel without using any mechanical pumping. Each grape variety and each vineyard is processed separately according to the ripeness of the grape.



    Our wines are produced exclusively according to Ecocert specifications and do not contain any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Nevertheless, we reject the Bio label as our wine is made only of grapes. According to us, any winemaker who adds something different than grapes to his wine should mention that on the label. We know that we are the “odd one out” in the wine sector, but we are convinced we need to set a good example.